Terms & Conditions Apply

Terms & Conditions Apply by Matteo Zamagni is a video work derived from the interactive real-time installation of the same name. The concept for Terms & Conditions Apply is a metaphor for the 'Anthropocene', a term that marks a new era whereby the human species triggers a permanent shift in the ecosystem, the natural world and its evolutionary processes. This project was born from a need to call to attention to the burden of the humans onto Nature. The disconnect of our species from the natural world marks the beginning of a destructive process that in turn has consequences for our existence.

The project metaphorically translate such concept in an interactive experience where pristine landscapes and 3D scans of natural formations gets contaminated as the audience gets closer to the work. Terms & Conditions Apply is the result of Zamagni's contemplation towards the negligence, selfishness and arrogance of the human species towards nature's intelligent design and harmony; A current theme present in most of his recent works originating from the research onto recurring natural patterns at different scales and its relation to the cosmos, modern physics, eastern religions and Indigenous cultures.

Born out of such research, Nature Abstraction consists of a meditative 360 VR experience, subsequently adapted for the screens of Times Square New York as part of the Midnight Moment program, the Nature Abstraction series is Zamagni’s rendering of three vastly complex virtual planets constructed from formations of fractals. The fractals, mathematical representations, symbolises hidden structures of nature, allowing viewers to explore and view structural and biological forms that affect the physical world but are invisible to the eye. Partially processed through Google’s Deep Dream neural network, which recognizes features and creates visual iterations, the landscapes transform into psychedelic patterns and morph into shapes reminiscent of more familiar items like liquid or microchips.

Nature Abstraction was shown as part of Times Square Arts’ partnership with the Moving Image Art Fair in early 2017. The work was previously exhibited in Interfaces at the Barbican in 2015, Tate Modern 'Tate Lates' opening as part of a group video installation for Switch House opening, and in Gazelli Art House's VR group exhibition Enter Through The Headset in 2016.


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