Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke

American artists Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke collaborate to create capitvating audiovisual installations and performances. Biederman’s works explore the concomitant themes of perception, media saturation and data systems, from a multitude of performative and aesthetic perspectives since the mid-nineties. The recipient of significant awards, Biederman has served as artist-in-residence at institutions including the Center for Experimental Television, New York, Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab, Pittsburgh, and the Wave Farm, New York; whilst also co-founding the Arctic Perspective Initiative with academic Marko Peljhan in 2007. Biederman’s works have been exhibited in the US, South America, Europe and Japan, at festivals and venues including, 7 ATA Festival Internacional, Lima; the 11th Lyon Biennale, France; the 2011 Quebec Triennale, Canada; 2014 Montreal Biennale, Musée des Arts Contemporain; Biennale of Digital Art, BIAN, Montreal; Artissima, Turin; Moscow Biennale, Art and Alternative Visions, Tokyo; and Sonic Acts, NASA, Amsterdam, among others. Biederman’s film and video works have been included in the FILE festival, Sao Paulo; New Forms Festival, Vancouver; the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Paris/Berlin International Meetings, and the Chicago Underground Film Festival. His public works have been shown at the ZeroOne2006 Festival, San Jose US; the SCAPE Biennial in New Zealand. He has collaborated with musicians since 1999, performing at the historic Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, as well as Ars Electronica, AV Festival, Elektra, Mutek, Futuresonic and FILE. Matthew Biederman lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

Based in Europe, Pierce Warnecke’s work deals with the effects of time on matter; he is as much interested in the digital deterioration of something as of its material decay. He describes the goal of his work as “to readapt existing sound, visual or physical objects, and materials, into parallel contexts where their signified meanings, symbols and cultural connections have become residual ghosts.” Warnecke has been commissioned by CTM Festival, Deutschland Radio Kultur, ORF Musikprotocoll and Mirage Festival and has received supporting grants from Germany, the European Union and France (Arcadi, Dicream). After studying at Berklee College of Music Warnecke obtained his Master’s at Universität der Kunst Berlin (Kunst und Medien). He is currently professor of Music at Berklee College, Valencia. Recent projects include collaborations with Frank Bretschneider (visuals for his latest work "Sinn+Form" on raster-noton), Matthew Biederman (sound composition for the installation "Perception") and Yair Elazar Glotman (visuals for “The Mirror and the Mask”). Warnecke has presented his works in many international festivals and spaces, such as KW Institut, CTM, Elektra, NEMO, Zero1 Biennale, Transmediale, Bozart/BEAF, Semibreve, MadeiraDig, Ososphere, Mirage, LAB30, Jazz à Vienne, Boston Cyberarts, SXSW Interactive.