Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke

Interference Oscillations

A steady oscillation, or circular motion, is represented in physics as a perfect, infinite element. An interference is an undesired disruption of an expected phenomenon. Interference Oscillations takes these two opposing points as its structural underpinning. A wave is intercepted by a varying array of geometric forms and pulses of colour; the constantly changing interplay between the forms and the line of the wave creates a dissonance.

The work is a study of critical thresholds of sonic or light frequency and of the relationship between a fixed point and continuum. Low frequency events are easily differentiated as individual pulses or stripes, but as Shephard-Risset tones (sounds produced by the superposition of sine waves) are employed as infinite increases and decreases of pitch, timbre and rhythmic pulsing in order to create sonic doppelgängers of the visual moirés.The organised visual forms are repeatedly disturbed through the juxtaposition of chiral orthographic figures (deconstructed multistable Necker cubes) upon a ground which shifts between flat and dimensional referencing the screen, breaking its surface and rebuilding it.

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