Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke

The Space In Between The Space In Between

In The Space In Between The Space In Between, the ideas of multi-stability, invariance and reification are expressed and linked through simple forms. These in turn are reduced to the geometric points they are made of until the forms themselves dissolve into flat fields of light – reinforcing the presence of the screen itself and the points, which occupy the imagined/understood space of the screen.

The piece is sonically the most traditional of the works in the Perspection collection featuring a rhythm and a diatonic scale, which follows the equal temperament tuning system. The composition uses trademark composition tools (arpeggiators and simple ostinatos) and sonic palettes (FM synthesis) similar to those of Alan Howarth and John Carpenter, and is reminiscent of an early 1980s horror film soundtrack. The work slowly and inevitably expands from cycles of noise and towards a maximal white noise tension of full spectrum saturation.

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