Melanie Plummer

Tampa Bay
Melanie Plummer is a self taught digital painter whose works have been shown at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Soulard Art Market and Gallery, St Louis Art Museum, and many private galleries. Melanie has also been featured in Current Magazine, The Missourian, StoryChord, and several online blogs. Melanie lives with her two children in the Tampa Bay area. Statement: As a little girl, I remember laying on the couch, staring at the painting my mom had hanging above. I remember teleporting myself into the painting. For me, art has always been about how the piece made me feel, where it took me, what I felt the person was or what they were doing, etc. It was really never about what the artist was communicating. But perhaps that is what they were communicating through their pieces. That is what I have become. I want people to take from my pieces what they see and feel no matter what the title is. My art has a life of its own. And it desires to change the way people view it