Vladimir Alexeev (Merzmensch), born in 1979 in Moscow, living in Germany, speaking Japanese is an international writer, artist, and researcher, who explores areas of tension between Historical Avant-Garde (especially Dadaism) and AI art.

In his art and essays, he investigates the horizons and possibilities of human-machine creative collaborations. Harper's Magazine describes him as Data Journalist. In 2023 his book "KI-Kunst" ("AI-Art") will be published.

In his artworks, he uses mixed media, his own poetry, and photography, but also advanced AI-driven models and approaches.

The pseudonym Merzmensch is coming from MERZ-Art by Kurt Schwitters, who is the big inspiration and spiritual mentor for Vladimir Alexeev. In his works, Merzmensch is trying to follow Schwitters' path to create new realms and realities from mixed media, where every element has its significance and is equal to others.

Visit his page for more art and essays: https://www.merzmensch.com