Fun on the Boat (2016, 2021)

Using the imaginary power of Artificial Intelligence, Merzmensch is exploring the perceptive and ontological boundaries of reality.

In this multimedia artwork (part of his ongoing series "dreAIms"), Merzmensch has reprogrammed AI to generate an exaggerated spatial 3D vision from a single photo (taken by the artist in Germany, 2016). Since there is just one image, AI is seeking visual support for areas not visible in photography. It dreams, or hallucinates, about missing links and absent parts of human reality. But just to a certain extent. Areas, which AI is not capable anymore to imagine, are knitted by AI like the fate of the world by Three Moirai. You see the fragile filaments of re-constructed world. But they have no power against the Limitless Outside.

The melancholy of the composition (mother with son, on a boat sit, looking towards unclear mountains) contrasts with the title. It's about solitude and serenity, love and sadness, life and death. Beyond the stage decorations, the spatial dimension gets dissolved into the void.

The gentle piano melody is composed by an AI model as well. Trained on around 1 Mio music pieces, it creates inhuman harmonies.

Merzmensch steps back as an artist in this creative process by machine. He is curator, director, yet creative agency of Artificial Intelligence in this work. He stops using AI and begins to collaborate with machine.


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