Man's Voice

This is the Age of Human-Machine collaboration. Creativity is not only human domain anymore. With his art Vladimir Alexeev (Merzmensch) transgresses the boundaries, crosses the terrains previously occupied by human artists - he is collaborating with Artificial Intelligence in its various models and entities. Not only the artist is creating art - also the viewer co-creates it by contemplation.

This video poem is completely generated by AI: the poem itself, the music, the visuals, the character. The moving camera was generated from a single photo Merzmensch took in Kyoto, Japan. AI interpreted the spatial dimensions of the photography, re-imagining invisible parts of the realms. The face is created using StyleGAN2 networks and animated by the author, who used his own facial expression as "driver" for animation. The music is created by JukeBox (OpenAI's music model trained on 1 million music pieces). The text was created by using GPT-2, trained by Merzmensch on texts from manifold Avant-Garde magazines.

But all the technical details have a secondary meaning. The emerged Gesamtkunstwerk it ins wholeness is significant for viewers perception.


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