The Foreshadowing of the Empty Streets (2023)

Human emotions can be moved by synthetic dreams. My work is an exploration of the emotional depth of generative media effects.

"The Foreshadowing of Empty Streets is a narrative experience created entirely by machine. Even the poem, recited by a female voice, is in a language invented by neural networks. And yet it has the power of the poet's verse in Tommaso Landolfi's "Dialogue on the Greater Harmonies": in a disappearing language, which slips away immediately after its birth.

We see the worried faces of crowds, we see bizarre events, and we feel the inviting silence of empty streets. The dystopian claustrophobia is separated from the warm twilight of the city.

What is the fate of these citizens? And the elephant people? And you?

Hidden in your heart and mind is the only true answer.


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