Michael Cheung is a contemporary artist living and working in Hong Kong. He is specialized in abstract painting and figurative painting. Growing up in the former British Colony - Hong Kong where East meets West, Michael is influenced by both Oriental and Western culture. His approach is edgy, sophisticated and creative one that understands the value of good art. His art creation is deeply embedded within perception, memory, identity and communication in contemporary life. He was born in Hong Kong. The family moved frequently due to his father's job, and he was close to his siblings as it was difficult to maintain friendships while moving. He consoled himself with crayons, drew "everything" and found his passion for art. During high school, he read a lot of teen novels and comics. As his interest in art developed, he wasn't sure whether to pursue it as a career. He has a strong artistic interest in drawing. When he found a drawing course through art school, his parents compromised. After that, he went to study at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from RMIT University in 2010. He has exhibited in New York, Seoul, Berlin, Copenhagen, Moscow, with magazines such as Art & Beyond magazine, Don't Panic magazine. His works are held in private collections in Europe, United States of America & Asia. http://michaelcheung.squarespace.com