FACE YOUR DEMONS reprise, reconfigured, inverted 1a

A digital composite made up of a series of 'text-Rorschach' based on artists names* who have suffered from or been affected by mental health issues. The 'text-Rorschach' are a series of performance-paintings I've developed over the last decade, working directly on to various archive paper, I drip cultural figures names, art work titles, favourite words or phrases in my own handwriting before, folding pressing and reworking to produce evocative images that seek to synthesis a psychic imprint of the content for open interpretation.

Face Your Demon's stemmed from a major commission by Collective//Pod in Coventry for a multi-site show, and now this particular material is being remixed for the show 'Fabrications' at the Furniture Makers Hall this July (2015).

The artists names featured in this particular composite are: Bacon, Baker, Blake, Duchamp, Koon’s, O’Keefe, Munch, Barton, Pollock, Brady, Broodthaers, Semple, Cleaner, Tyson, Kusama, Emin, Bourgeois and Michelangelo.

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FACE YOUR DEMONS reprise, reconfigured, inverted 1aby Mike Chavez-Dawson

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