Phantom Works: Test In Helium Spectra(e) Da...

This is part of a series of sourced images of personal intrigue or significant 20th Century artists artworks that have been taken from the Internet, which in-turn have then been manipulated, and finally haunted* by another artist artwork(s).

Here with 'Phantom Works: Test In Helium Spectra(e) Da...' we now see a once low-fi image of intrigue reworked first by hand then digitally of a balloon shrouded in a light weight fabric, an apparition of reflection echoing contrast, this originated as a sketch for a series of transitory photographic sculptural-works for a potential installation.

Alongside this artist moving image version, this image/work has also been produced as an edition of 100 cards which are all individually titled, signed and numbered on the back in permanent fine-tip, the series includes 21 Artist-proofs, of the 100 edition, 70 to 80 have been allocated for a specific art fundraising event by artist Andrew Bracey - full details to follow.

Postcard 350gsm Archive stock with gloss lamination, edition of 100 (*A new artwork by the late Piero Manzoni now haunts/occupies this particular image.)

Fact: The element helium was discovered by studying line spectra emitted by the Sun.


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