Milivoj Ilic (b.1965) studied film at Reading University before moving to London where he now lives and works. Ilic describes his work as an examination of identity, dislocation, vulnerability, and containment. Ilic is a ground-breaking artist in the field of moving image art. In 1996 in collaboration with Chris Springhall his series of ‘Living Portraits’ were the first examples of what the duo called film portraiture. Exhibited at the Cubitt Gallery using the first portable DVD players and plasma screens the film portraits offered a practical glimpse of a future where moving image art would dominate wall space. The duo went on to collaborate with Transport for London in 1997 to create prototype moving image displays on the London Underground. After parting company with Springhall, Ilic developed the ‘moving image poster’ with French Connection UK and worked with Three UK to create moving image art for the nascent smartphones. In 2003, Ilic created his ‘DVD Pop Art’ label offering moving image art to the public at affordable prices. His first example, ‘Funky Oil’, was licensed to the BBC and Virgin Atlantic. Later examples of DVD Pop Art were sold as limited editions through the Tate Modern shop. Exhibitions in galleries; street art projections; nightclub, restaurant, fashion retail and festival displays span the last twenty years.