Mirosław Rogala (born 1954, in Poland) is a Polish- American video artist and interactive artist. Miroslaw Rogala works in a broad range of media of an experimental and transformative nature. Primarily his work has involved interactive installations consisting of multi-layered, multi-channeled video displays that invite viewers to transform the space themselves. He considers the closing gap between nature and urban life through the advent of new technologies, and finds a harmony in which the two interact and evolve into a cohesive new system that reflects our changing world. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) at Karlsruhe, Germany; Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil; Lyon Biennale, France; The Brooklyn Museum; Anthology Film Archives; The Alternative Museum; Exit Art, New York, the Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, and the Goodman Theatre, Chicago. He has collaborated frequently with the (art)n Laboratory in Chicago. For much of the first decade of the twenty-first century, Rogala has been involved with several series of artworks for which he has transformed photographs using Mind's-Eye-View computer software developed by Ford Oxaal. The Transformed City series works with pictures taken in cities such as Kraków or Istanbul. The Transformed Garden series presents still lifes of fruits and vegetables fragmented into unstable, dynamic compositions.