The Apple in Transformed Paradise, 2015

Miroslaw Rogala’s "The Apple, Paradise Transformed" (2015) extends the artist’s earlier involvement with creating still digital images of fruits, and vegetables that have been modified and transformed through custom made Mind’s-Eye-View 360-Degree software. Rogala now animates this kind of image so that we witness a process of ever-changing transfiguration in which the familiar lines, shape, and color of an everyday apple become changed and recombined. Without erasing the source image, the artist encourages the viewer to notice and appreciate its component elements. Inside becomes outside, center becomes periphery, wide becomes narrow, small becomes large. Stillness transforms into motion. This defamiliarizing of an everyday object becomes at once a paradoxical, oxymoronic form of what is both guided, accelerated contemplation and contemplative, decelerated animation. In Rogala’s words, changing a line from his favorite poet Francis Ponge, “The apple expresses itself by its gestures.” (George Lellis: "When does an Image Breathe?")


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