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In "Transformed Landscape: Fruits and Vegetables", from 2007 but reworked in 2013, Rogala sequences a series of post-photographs, animates their presence with scans and zooms, and presents them through split-screen, multiple framing within the video image. The result defies easy classification, because it is at once a video documentation of a body of post-photographic work, but also transforms those individual post-photographs into component shots of a larger video work. We are by now all familiar with the kind of slide show technology whereby personal computers allow the photographer to assemble a collection of stills into a timed and sequenced presentation. This essay will argue that in "Transformed Landscape: Fruits and Vegetables" Rogala pushes this technology and format to a level of achievement that deserves attention. The result is a DVD that is at once documentation, slide show, ambient video, structural film, and digital picture frame.


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