Mister Westrup is the pseudonym for Oliver Westrup, a self-taught contemporary artist and designer from Colchester, Essex. His project named ‘Art of Seduction’, a series of portraits of famous female models, is what first gained him popularity. In 2013 he was commissioned for MdotE's EP Artwork 'After Silence Comes Noise'. This led on to an insightfully titled project 'Anxiety Attacks and Hip Hop' based on his personal experiences. This was received well by the public and his portrait 'Big L' has gone on to gain over 4000 notes on Tumblr. Due to the recognition of 'AAHH' Mister Westrup was commissioned to create the artwork for US Rapper, 'Chriz Millz' album 'Check Cha$er'. The design was a modern twist on the typical Hip Hop Cliche, Money. 'Benjamin' was created. Mister Westrup’s popularity has come without exhibiting a single piece of work in public. Through social media sites, such as Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, he was able to display his work and gain approval from peers and art fans alike.

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