Mario Sughi aka nerosunero, painter (b. 1961, Cesena Italy, lives and works in Dublin, Ireland) "It’s like when you sit in a coffee shop and enjoy looking at the people passing by. Some of the people capture your attention. You follow them with your eyes and you reinvent their stories. And yet the only thing you know about those people and their lives is their image standing in front of you. And that is what you try to do when then you draw and paint: you try to capture and reproduce those interesting images. Nothing more nothing less, because the image seems already to have everything you need within it. I don’t know what I am doing in terms of meaning when I work. It’s not that interesting to me. My interest is in colour, form, composition and light. If you create a nice image, that image will probably contain something interesting and something meaningful as well. But that will emerge only later, when the work is finished and you look at it on the wall." From: Mario Sughi, A place to rest, Droichead Arts Centre, Exhibition Catalogue (Oct. 2017)