Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, CA, USA
American artist NightEnLight, born Constantine Vassilev, derived his alias from his fascination with light and color and how they define the qualitative and sensual entirety of the visible world. Without light, nothing is visible, light forms everything we see - therefore one must be 'in the light' to be able to see and understand the world. Constantine's passion for everything digital goes back to the 90s, when he won several international awards for digital art, graphic animation and digital music. After a long creative pause due to life-changing events (mostly positive), he has now returned to his two lifelong passions - art and music.

As a software engineer with affinity for both science and art, Constantine has always been captivated by the relationship between art and mathematics.Patterns, transformations and symmetry are a fundamental concept in both mathematics and art. Constantine uses mathematical algorithms to transform geometric forms into intricate 3D shapes and textures, turning the hidden mathematical concepts into unique artworks. To be able to maintain the 3D qualities of the geometric forms, Constantine has designed his own 3D Graphics Rendering Software, using the principles of light to show depth and dimension.For Constantine, a mathematically produced geometric form is only a template to which he is bringing imagination, philosophic ideas and a personal vision that convert complex geometric shapes in a truly inspiring art.