Ashes is an audiovisual piece that explores the mechanised experience of NONOTAK’s piece Masks. The visual is as abstract as the ambient soundtrack is technologically. Clinically choreographed, every sound grasping jerk, and corresponding twist is spliced into an audio-tractive rhythm. The music serves as a precursor for a maturing new visual. The work explores the optical illusion created by peering through pixelated glass at different angles. The work resembles nothing more than televised interference stripes, appearing to evolve and dissolve into the architectonic atmosphere.

The simplicity of the work proves almost hypnotic, as the work calls for a new virtual experience, or otherwise appearing as an innovative music video. The all-embracing sensation of sound and technology are the measure of the works modernity. It appears NONOTAK are tapping into an era in which we are as much charmed by modernity, as we are challenged by it. Ashes is a track from Takami Nakamoto’s first solo EP titled OPACITY. Ashes has been created as a digital edition exclusively for Sedition.


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