Masks by NONOTAK are objects that are entirely without the use of technology, but appear as though they are engaged by it. Such props also serve to explain the orientation of the artist’s audiovisual experimentations. Using three layers of translucent plexiglass onto which they place layers of black or white stickers, the prevailing lines/designs are split into two parts, as the trim creates a separate geometric form, composing of one facade in order to hide another. The optical illusion of looking through pixelated glass into an adjoining space, creates this wonderfully abstract experience that might well resemble surrendering ourselves to a technological hub.

For NONOTAK, the setting serves to alter our visual experience entirely by where we position ourselves in front of it. As they describe it: “when you are perfectly in front and centre of the piece, you only see the repeated lines, and when you move right and left you start noticing the geometric forms.” In context the texture of the intense patterned effect leads to a visual vibration that occurs from the repetition of the same pattern. As they intend to “generate a greater effect by making the work translucent, so its shadows can be displayed onto the wall”. As the plexiglass plates are translucent, the light and shadows go through the plates and are positively projected on the wall. NONOTAK have created a digital edition from Masks installation piece.

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