NONOTAK’s digital edition Silhouettes (2014) is derived from an audiovisual installation that explores the relationship between light, space and sound. The work was originally commissioned by STRP and MU, which premièred during the light art festival, Glow Next in Eindhoven in November 2014. The Silhouettes digital edition has been curated by STRP Biennial and launched to celebrate the exhibition in March 2015.

Silhouettes is a dialogue between space and light, using the movement of light around a frame to create illusions, shadows and refractions that turn dots into lines, and lines into arches. The raking angle of the light source creates patterns across the textured plane and is observed at several angles, near to far as the piece evolves. The accompanying sound illustrates the movement of the light as it pulses and slides from one corner to the next. The work concludes on a full view of the rectangular installation, a glowing rectangular form that evokes the light works of James Turrell.

NONOTAK is studio based in Paris, France founded by illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect and musician Takami Nakamoto. The duo have been collaborating together since 2011.

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