Norm Yip | 葉灃

Hong Kong
Norm Yip’s work eschews any one medium or genre; it weaves in a constant circle around photography, graphite drawings and paintings. The essence of his art permeates at several different levels; reflecting varying aspects of his mind and heart at play. Graphite drawings dominated his early repertoire and remain as some of his most philosophically and emotionally influenced pieces today. Pencil and paper meet to inscribe his awakening into the mysteries of life and death. At first appearing as symbols, the drawings tend towards the formless - the ‘being-ness’ of existence represented in a series of embryonic circles. Where graphites provided glimpses into his deeper sub-conscious, it was acrylics that gave Norm’s thoughts full voice - a vocabulary exciting and rich in both colour and form. His visual language of choice is that of abstraction, with recent works inspired both by nature and the malleability of the medium; using colour to capture movement and guide the eye. In another series, he uses the infinity symbol ∞ to represent the unending consciousness of life; bound neither by birth nor death. In 2012, Norm set out to combine his disparate interests; allowing photography and painting to collide and fuse into an altogether different form of expression. Through a process of image transfers using an ink toner printer, paper and acetate with animals and portraits as his initial subjects, the pieces that emerged were highly textural, tactile and emotional.