Norm Yip | 葉灃

Hong Kong

Family Picnic [I don't live here anymore]

Norm Yip’s work eschews any one medium or genre; it weaves in a constant circle around photography, graphite drawings and paintings. The essence of his art permeates at several different levels; reflecting varying aspects of his mind and heart at play. 'Family Picnic' is one of four photo-paintings in a series called 'I don't live here anymore', which initially began as canvas artworks but only came to its final expression recently upon deeper reflection and when sub-conscious memories surfaced. These memories, for the most part, are purely nostalgic but express themselves as shapes with no definite edge. Hence, the resulting images are blurred, yet very distinct. When viewed close, there are subtle shifts and movements in the artwork although there are no motion effects.

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Family Picnic [I don't live here anymore]by Norm Yip | 葉灃

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