Normae I

Normae is a series of digital images from onformative’s Who Are You project that was commissioned by AKQA. The project explores self-identity and collective emotions through the use of online participation, data visualisation, generative systems, sound and animation.

In Who Are You participants were invited to ponder the question of identity through Twitter and Instagram. Their responses formed a collective online sculpture that can be explored over-time. As posts and tweets were converted into building blocks, their content shaped the collective artwork, producing different shapes, colours and materials, collectively building the data monument that grew online as people submitted answers to the question.

For Sedition, onformative present Normae, a new series uncovering unseen architectural views of the collective online sculpture, capturing a specific moment in time and inviting the collector to reflect upon the concepts of digital and real identity.

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Normae Iby Onformative

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