I am a writer and filmmaker, based in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. My work as a writer includes scripts for radio, television, and theatre (see http://about.me/othnielsmith). I make films which re-purpose public domain imagery, from sources such as the Prelinger Archive and Pond 5. Many of these films are adaptations of poems by noted writers, both contemporary and historic. This work has screened at such events as the Zebra Poetry Film Festival (Munster, Germany), the Reversed Poetry Film Festival (Amsterdam), the New York Jazz Film Festival and the Visible Verse Festival (Vancouver). I also make video interpretations of pieces of music; either in the public domain, or by experimental composers. Many of these films are available to view on my Vimeo channel. I am always intrigued by the manner in which juxtapositions between mismatched video and audio, often arrived at by chance, frequently hint at hidden truths.