Received at the School of Fine Arts of Marseille for his qualities as a painter and draftsman, Patrick Laffont-DeLojo discovered during his training an appetite for photographic and video arts. Very sensitive to performance, contemporary dance and theater, he finds in photography and, even more, in video art, a shock of the moment that resonates with immediacy and vulnerability of the body on stage. In some eminences such as Dump Type or Bill Viola, who lead pioneering's usages of the image on stage, as the basis and not as illustration, Patrick Laffont cements his intuition that video is the perfect medium to try the same risk that takes the body of the dancer or actor. Moreover, the plurality of fields he cultivates sharpened, over the years, a kind of boldness that traverses his video work at heart, more than in the service, of performing arts. For him, the video is not a decoration, but it is not even a supplement: it truly leverages the potential of the stage, moving the motion in another dimension, where it can now be considered from different angles, to the most incongruous. In 2016, he exhibited at Mucem where he made two site-specific installations around Beirut, created the scenography, the video device and the images of Mona - Emily Loizeau, signed the scenography lights and 4x11 images for Gildas Millin, Robert Cantarella and Alain Françon. He's preparing a personal exhibition for Lux, national scene of Valence for mid September 2017.