For DUST, Patrick Laffont de Lojo created a whole white space of about 100 square meters, to remove all spatial references from the shot. He works together with a young Japan actress and performer - Kyoko Takenaka - who has written a personal body partition related to the tradition of Buto dance. This partition is based on her personal story and her experience.
In a very expressive way, she performs her dance which becomes a duet with the artist who films, going from close plan to large views. The artist then chooses to stretch the time of the shooting in order to improve the reading of the dance and make a resonance with this very special space which has no limits or border. The limits become the film limits on its own. The music partition was made by the live recording mix with a Bach notes (stretched also) in order to create a very strange atmosphere.

The original video is about 3 hours long and is devoted to being shown as a video installation. This version of 9"37' was specially made to be seen on screen.


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