Development from “images that tell a story“ towards images that display pure artistical and aesthetical appeal. Motives which expressively serve my aspiration to be found in sand dunes, nude bodies, art objects and in architecture which are all characterised by the interaction of planes, lines, contours, swinging curves, play with light, colour and aesthetical arrangement. Most of these features can be found in contemporary architecture, which became significant for my development in photography. Architecture allows me to deal with another aspect, with space. Space can be the vastness of a coal field with the huge power plant in the rear dwarfed by sheer distance. With buildings and their metall and glass surfaces, the experience of space expands, as there are transparencies and reflections that expand the visual space and create an artificial unity beyond the single elements and layers in the image. Also light can expand this experience from the inner to the outside and display a new unity. Another characteristic trait in dealing with space and the combination of several layers of expression in the image into a united appearance is achieved by letting rooms in their spatial appearance becoming reduced into a flat display. All these features help me to deal with breakings in the image, their underlying story and its form of presentation. Winner of a former GEO magazine photography contest. Present in several online galleries (seenby, saatchi art, samsung the frame).