Novery1 (red)

Novery1 (red) is a singularly captivating artwork by visionary artist, Ran Slavin. This piece is part of the larger Novery1 collection and Slavin's evocative Paradise Now series, which deftly combines 4K video, sound, and print editions, all underscored by Slavin's own composed music.

The genesis of Novery1 (red) lies in the humblest of everyday objects – a ceramic plate bearing the accumulated stains of morning coffee. Through Slavin's discerning eye, these innocuous coffee drops evolved into visuals of dramatic eruptions and remote moons, invoking thoughts of grand odysseys and expansive landscapes. The resulting imagery straddles the line between the pastoral aesthetics of 18th-century European Romanticism and the fantastical realms of science fiction, all conjured from the natural dry pigment of coffee.

In the creation process for Novery1 (red), Slavin began collecting and photographing these stained plates. He then fed this visual data into a digital generative engine, using it to process, create, and refine new visual narratives. The outcome was a sequence of fluid and morphing horizontal vistas, within which a lone hooded figure materialized, providing relational scale and a semblance of story.

This mysterious figure, christened Novery1, is a portmanteau of 'no-one' and 'everyone'. Acting as the axis and consciousness of these virtual adventures, Novery1 remains the only constant in a perpetually changing environment. Unaffected by the transformations around them, they stand as a perpetual artificial souvenir from the digital realm, born out of the organic.

In essence, Novery1 (red) is a testament to Slavin's ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, intertwining the familiar with the alien, and breathing life into a digital realm crafted from the remnants of our physical world. It exemplifies the broader Novery1 collection's exploration of the interface between the organic and the digital.


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