Raphaele Cohen-bacry

Los Angeles, CA

Traveler's Rest

This work on paper is part of a brand new series Raphaele has been developing lately. It has never been seen by anyone until now. She often works with acrylic on large canvases but enjoys those smaller size work because they allow her to explore and experiment in a more instantaneous manner. Here you have a combination of tempera paint which she likes a lot for its subtle qualities and spray paint, as well as markers. She starts by recording the outline of organic forms (such as tree bark) with spray paint. That gives her structure and an ability to use well defined empty spaces. She can then play with different layers, building an "abstract narration". The eye can easily travel from one shape to another and discover more and more. Calmness and energy both emerge from this 14x17"

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Traveler's Restby Raphaele Cohen-bacry

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