Christmas Roses

Renata Janiszewska's drawings come out of a narrative that is described through colour and line. She painted and drew for years using unconventional materials as surfaces for her expositions of intense feeling states. When she first touched the screen of an iPod in 2010, she had an immediate and visceral affinity for the medium, and has, in her words "not looked back". She now creates exclusively on electronic canvas, making multilayered captivating compositions that owe a debt to her studies in Experimental Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Janiszewska's medium is light, and her works are expressly made to provide visual refreshment either in transit on a portable electronic device, or to glow inside the home as an electronic hearth, providing a soothing beautiful, calming ambience. Her work remains witty, playful, decorative, while she continues to push the boundaries of what is technically possible in the digital realm.

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Christmas Rosesby Renata Janiszewska
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Christmas Roses
Renata Janiszewska
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May 21, 2018
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