About Reza Milani art works by Kiarang: "Reza Milani’s Works are warning and terse. With the least amount of elements and their special mise en scene, they drag us to a Lacanian “moving touch” . Many of these art works can be simply categorized in the vast realm of Minimalism. In fact, nature is used as a complementary of meaning in Milani’s works, and so results in a connection between the characters and their backgrounds, but they are more concerned with a school that was so popular in the 1930s which sought to compare the pristine nature with “live and organic bodies”, rather than Naturalism itself. Therefore, the accumulation of all these characteristics in Milani’s works has changed them into a post-modern virtu." “SOLO EXHIBITION: Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran “The Fifth Story” November 2015 Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran “Childhood Sleep;” November 2013 Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran “Torkaman Wedding;” November 2011 Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran “Endless Bitterness;” November 2010 Cafe Mania Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran “NOTION;“   Awards • Among the 10- top shortlisted in Travel Photography Category; Sony World Photography Organization; London, 2011 • Honorable Mention Winner of Px3: Prix De La Photography; Paris, 2010  • Winner of the First Prize of the 6 International Student Films and Photos of Iran; 2010  • Awarded The Best Digital Photography of the Year by IBDA’ A AWARDS; Dubai, 2009”