Roberto Goya is an artist established in Tenerife, born in 1977, with a degree in Dramatic Art by the School of Actors of the Canary Islands. He has specialized as a Cultural Manager and Scheduler by “Pedro García Cabrera” Foundation, member of E.N.C.A.T.C (European Network Cultural Administration Training Centers). In parallel, he continues with his self-taught formation in the field of Photography, that is complemented with several courses and workshops given by artists and curators as Dora García, Pablo Helguera, Nicolas Bourriaud, Ricardo Cases, Juan Curto, Joan Morey, Xavier Ribas and Sven Ehmann. His photographic work arises of the reflection regarding an object, a concept, a fact or a text with perceptible social signification to the observer. His decontextualized use or his transposition asks the spectator to review the meaning of it and its importance or social magnitude, pretending to provoke in her/him a sort of discovery that would reveal a new aspect that has remind hidden for him/her. His photographs explain the story of an encounter, using a theatrical proposed action and that it is executed by the photographed or by himself.