(Please be warned this video artwork contains flashing images.)

Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa produces exceptional audio-visual works that act as symphonies of sounds, either produced or recorded, and combined with visuals, they create mesmerising sound sculptures.

syn_mod.1 offers the viewer what seem like snapshots into infinity, a chaotic glimpse, strobe-like and married to a shattering pulse of sound. The viewer can identify patterns, eyes, even faces, without ever being able to settle for one interpretation because of the pace that each image is displayed at. However, what at first might seem random reveals itself as a carefully orchestrated exploration of abstract and musical patterns. Simultaneity and synaesthesia - the correspondence of sensations and perceptions, such as sounds and colors - play masterfully in harmony and dissonance in order to create syn_mod.1.

syn_mod.1 create(s) an experience that many artists and avant-garde filmmakers – from Paul Klee and Norman MacLaren to Vassily Kandinsky - would have dreamed of during the twentieth century, long before the appearance and the democratisation of digital technologies.

The work originally appeared in 2011, but Kurokawa composed the current version for Sedition in 2013.

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