Based on the same concept as Kurokawa's initial syn_ piece, syn_mod.3 is the third edition in this series, further developing on the original audiovisual concert piece. Continuing the “ordered disorder” theme of its predecessors, syn_mod.3 uses ideas of harmony and dissonance to explore abstract patterns and sound.

As a hypnotic swell of sand appears to deliver and dissolve these beautifully choreographed animations onto black; syn_mod.3 proves the most technically tender of the works. For syn_mod.3 Kurokawa generates these molecule life forms that appear to dissolve to dust, as they twist and turn in space. Before the sequence and sound changes tack, and the animated images unexpectedly accelerate into a crescendo of alternating visuals. Snapping into another incredibly complex creature that hovers before disappearing from view. All of which take places against a backdrop of Kurokawa’s corrosive sounds and technical interference, that appears to want to get the better of life itself.

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