Scanner’s impressively futuristic work, Lachrimae, draws much of its inspiration from British musician John Dowland’s 1604 composition of the same name. With an animation that positively revives the melancholic spirit of the early renaissance period, the artist creates an artwork that visually emits a sequence of penetrative lights in the atmosphere. Lachrimae appears to rise and recede from within a black hole; like precious planets eclipsing the sun.

Concentrating entirely on a succession of bright illuminations and their subsequent afterglows, Scanner draws upon a rhetoric of mourning that has fascinated artists and individuals for centuries. Charting an indelible connection between lyricism and the sublime. As a collaboration with film director Chris Turner, Lachrimae explores a sophisticated marriage between pathos, spirituality and the digital. As the work’s re-mastered soundtrack and hypnotic monochrome setting is firmly gripped by contemporary minimalism, which memorably appears as a play of lights applied to a piece of acoustic history.

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