Sergio Ferrer

Vila-real, Spain
Sergio Ferrer (1976, Spain) is an Image and Sound engineer, composer and singer who tries to mix and purify the digital essence of life from the technical brain side and also from the artist brain side. Extracting drop by drop with love and passion all the feelings coming out from earth. Vocal is the main signature for his Art. ARt digital Sound mixed with ARt digital Image. Just FEEL it !

Currently Sergio Ferrer is working in three different projects:

+ALIEN NATURE - Hidden in the nature.

+SILENCE, LONELINESS, SADNESS - A poetry book written by Sergio Ferrer, and images and videos from each poem.

+DIGITAL SOUL - Old music work written by Sergio Ferrer that now take form with images.

+MESSIER CATALOG - It is an exploration journey to the Messier's catalog.