I am beginning to believe that we are all born asleep and that the rest of our lives are spent trying to awaken. Some of us may be born awake. Some awaken in stages, falling back into slumber between moments of absolute lucidity. While some remain comfortably dozing all their lives. Should we even want to be awakened? Or should we remain comfortably snoozing and not even bother asking why? I don't know the answer to that. Nor do I know if we have a choice in the matter. What I do suspect is that some of the answers might be found within something called intuition. The reason I bring up intuition is that from an early age I gravitated to whatever mysteriously resonated for me. Creating things, playing with sound, doodling, etc. Always compelled to make something that wasn't there before, or giving in to a simple creative yearning. The further I explored in distance and or detail, the more I discovered how utterly enchanting our shared universe is. From every difference in color, texture, and line, I began to understand more fully the infinite possibilities of form. Skip Hunt picked up a 35mm camera in the mid-1970's and has never stopped sharing his unique vision via photographic images. His insatiable thirst for rich color and cultural exploration keeps him on the road most of the time. When he's recharging his batteries, he calls Austin, Texas home. "Image making reminds me to awaken from the slumber and to celebrate life's rich pageantry parading all around us."