My art is non-figurative, generative and algorithmic. It has its roots in constructivism but I prefer to call it Polygonism. The autonomous system with which the art is created takes input from me but the algorithms also contain random processes 'creating' without decisions made directly by me. However, I created the systems and can claim that the generative system represents my own artistic idea, and that it takes on the role of co-creator. My work is often animated and sometimes minted into NFTs. Polygonism is the style so specific to me. It's not only a new "-ism", it's a genuine, profoundly new subset of geometric art. It consists of very few polygons (often just triangles) presented as art in a format that can be compressed and animated. I minted the term Polygonism, not because there are not enough "-isms", but because the art is different. At least that's what I claim....

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