Sofia Cianciulli is a body artist working between Florence and New York. She studied MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, and performs at some of the most innovative venues in London, New York, Paris, Milan and Florence. Cianciulli works with painting, performance Art, sculpture and Augmented Reality.

The themes that Cianciulli pursues in her work have to do with the female body and its relationship with social media. "As a millennial, my reality is influenced by the post-feminist media age, and my work responds with absolute transparency to modern narrative conventions that are inextricable part of my culture." "I was looking for ways to offer a raw representation of the female body that could challenge the distorted representation of media images when I found Anthropometries (1960). Some of Yves Klein's most successful work involved him directing naked models making imprints of their bodies. I felt the urge to re-contextualise Anthropometries using my own body as an art object, and combining my name with Klein's original, I called the process SOPHMETRIES."