#digitalFeelings is a digital artwork by Sofia Cianciulli, released as part of the Digital Bodies collection.

p>Originally created to be an 'Instagram performance', #digitalFeelings is a progression of Cianciulli's #digitalBodies research. This work explores the relationship between the female body and social media. The anonymous shadow behind the screen invites users to comment and define the limits of body objectivity, while the format and accessibility of the performance itself opens up a debate on our almost preferred forms of online communication and the social anxiety that derives from it.

"As my practice evolved within this multidimensional realm, it was important to establish a specific context for the delivery of my work. Social media is such a relevant part of my research and life experience, and a good place to interweave on multiple layers of society. Specifically Instagram, where the main focus is on the female body." - Sofia Cianciulli, 2020.


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