Sookoon Ang’s work addresses the unstable dimension of existence through presenting variable perceptions of reality and also suggesting or creating alternative universes. Utilizing a wide array of media and artistic approaches, Ang brings about evocative reconsiderations of the everyday. Her work responses to the transient and imperfect nature of things, emotions and ideas. Ang creates physical objects imbued with metaphysical connotations or staging of nonlinear narratives involving layers of perceptions and plasticity of interpretations. Sookoon Ang (b. 1977, Singapore) lives and works in Singapore & France. She majored in sculpture in School of Visual Arts, New York and is the only Singapore artist selected for the esteemed Rijksakademie Artist Research Residency in Amsterdam. Recent major exhibitions include Art Basel Hong Kong (2014); Singapore Biennale (2013); Paris Scope: Sookoon Ang, Mixed Greens Gallery, New York (2013); Absurdistan, OV Gallery, Shanghai (2013); Future Proof, Singapore Art Museum (2012). Her film & video work has also been screened in major International film festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen and Fribourg International Film Festival. An overview of her work can be found at her website,