Sophie Aline Picaut is a self-taught French painter. She has always worked on the possibility of expressing human emotions through abstract forms, color and words. Her humanistic painting seeks above all to transcribe the poetry and dramas of life in a symbolic way in order to give free rein to the public's interpretation. She exhibits internationally in Europe and the United States. She is also a lyricist in France and collaborates on different projects with Julian. Julian is a songwriter. His taste for music and different sounds lead him to explore the world of pop music and then choose to release his inspirations in electro music. He has worked for cinema and commercial music. The idea of putting her paintings into movement and music seemed obvious to them.They decided to develop this project which brings together different arts and creates what they call the Poetic Art stream. The projects presented are original paintings (Sophie)some of them are already sold or exhibits and other are still available. The music (Julian) is original too and composed following the meaning and the movement done to the shapes inside the painting. Sophie and Julian share this artistic project that transmit the energy, the emotion and the intensity of painting, music and writing, all mixed together. Life and all that makes her beauty and cruelty are the main subjects that appear in their works.