Spartak Dulic

Subotica, Province of Vojvodina, Serbia

performance BOX/ 2005/08

SMOKE= ((brain-lungs):(space+path length) nonverbal
communication (box+simultaneous movement):(thought- air)) ±∞

The performance was realized in the form of non-verbal communication, whereas the audience participates in the energy, intervening into the controlled and determined movement of the body of an artist, creating a new dynamism of pulsation, influencing the mental and physical state of the performer. In the isolated and hermetic social space surrounding the artist’s head, in which the whole body is reduced to an interactive installation, the subject looses its autonomy of perceiving the real space, due to the injected new thoughts materialized in smoke. A hypnotic, restart-articulation in the interactive relation, takes the whole performance into the unknown; bypassing a safe and predictable institutionalized form. Besides the fact that the situation is perceived from the outside as a willing passivity on the side of the artist, with the increase of communication and hallucination he searches for the moment of emergence of the group responsibility, the ethics of the social organism that he provokes and questions.

(more about performance "Box" on the website)


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