Stefanie Jasper

Dreams are made of these...
Her mother never taped any of Stefanie's artwork onto the refrigerator and neither will you!!! In early 2013, Stefanie started experimenting with a surreal/abstract approach to her photography. Her unique style has evolved into multidimensional dreamscape stories which are born out of what might be the perspective of a child's imagination. Approaching the medium with a curious and playful wonder of "how things work," Stefanie explores and discovers something new each time she embarks on a project, which is often. With an almost obsessive focus, her work wanders into the realm of fantasy with a touch of sinister._____________________________________________________________________________________________________ May-June 2014 was Stefanie's premier solo exhibition at the Goldman Gallery in Wynwood Walls. From 1982-1990, Stefanie Jasper attended classes in New York City at schools including The Art Students League, SVA, Parsons, ICP, and several other universities as Stefanie mode of learning was to attend only the classes she found interesting. 1985-Present, Stefanie has enjoyed a successful career as an event and portrait photographer.

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