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Nei Boschi Più Alti is a suite of works about memory.
It is composed of a real time interactive video art work, a series of videos, and an edition of 10 unique prints with manual interventions.
It's made in 2020, with Video Footage, Custom Software, Generative Audio Soundtrack.

Memories are not saved in our brains as a sequence of defined images, sounds and sensations.
Instead, we store information on scents, sounds, emotions, movements, sensations, in an abstract and interconnected form.
Subsequently we draw on these memories, and we recompose them with a somewhat impressionist method, as the memory is never objective, rarely clear, and is very conditioned by context, emotions and judgments, even posthumous.
Each recovery of the same memory is unique, each time different, and influenced by the context.

A recording of a walk in the woods, an actual memory of the artist, is used as the seed of the work.
The custom software analyzes colors, motion and sounds in the footage and use them to generate the images and the generative soundtrack, that's fed back to the system, further influencing the video output.
What you view on the screen is a rework, a reinterpretation of the actual video, as no frame in the final video is equal to one frame in the video footage.

The interactive art installation and the prints were exibited at Mucho Mas Gallery in Turin.


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