Stephane Poirier

Poirier's art really lies in the AI software he has written for the last 3 decades. In 2022, available online as various production services for artists all under AUDIO, VIDEO, and TEXTO SPI websites. Poirier considers the artworks he produced, with the software he writes, to be "etudes". While he considers himself more focused on abstract and texture creation, Poirier most often merges figurative elements into his visual compositions and relies intensively on spatial and spectral series of iterative deconstruction and reconstruction processes to create the final artworks. Using the software he writes, Poirier creates live video effects by dragging and dropping audio sound loops directly over the various areas of Vorotrans-ed images. Since 2017, he ran unique series of computer graphics experiments most often seeding his algorithms with grand feminine model photography, superb underwater ambiances, as well as epic aerial scenery video footage. As a seasoned software writer-artist by now in 2022, Poirier next plans to use the coming decade to help and enable thousands of artists and business individuals around the world. Until 2032, Poirier estimates emerging from being a software writer-artist to becoming established as an accomplished mixed-media artist.