Originally conceived over 20 years ago as software that projects future price movements of the financial markets Stephen created "The Art of Markets" as a new way to look at art, mathematics, markets and the endless stream of data that the world produces every day. Based on the idea that markets move in predictable waves Stephen wrote a program using a proprietary algorithm created by Lee Kus that uses parabolas to project probable future market movements using the supply and demand curve. The art is computer generated from projections of financial market price data and sometimes digitally manipulated. All the colors and the widths of each 'brush stroke' is totally random. One never knows what what a piece is going to look like until the program is done 'painting' and/or one has a chance to shape it. Stephens' work can be seen at the theartofmarkets.com and with more recent work shown with Fine Art America at stephen-coenen.artistwebsites.com. He first showed his work at the 2011 Ravenswood Art Walk and has been on display at M & D Gallery, Chicago, IL for the past 2 years. And in December 2013 a slide show of work was displayed during Art Basel in Miami Beach at the New Materials Show in cooperation with artist Diane Ponder.