Collecting art in digital format

What is Sedition selling?

We sell limited edition art in digital format. These are for use solely on digital displays and devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and TVs. Think of it as an art collection for your digital needs accessible anywhere and anytime.

What type of art do you sell?

We sell art by the world's leading contemporary artists. Please note that some of this artwork may contain graphic images and very strong language. You should not view them unless you are 18 years of age or over, and open minded.

How do I know if the art is genuine?

Each limited edition has a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and a secure record to verify the artwork is authentic.

Upon purchase of a piece of art, the artwork is registered to a collector's account, a central records database and is traceable through image identification technology.

What do I actually get when I purchase art through Sedition?

You get a numbered limited edition art in digital format, a unique certificate of authenticity and free online storage where your artwork and certificate is held.

Can I print my art?

No you are not allowed to print your art. Please see our Terms & Conditions relating to your art purchase. Sedition lets you enjoy your art in digital format and no other.

Can I print and download my Certificate of Authenticity?

No you cannot download and print your Certificate of Authenticity. You can view your certificates at any time in your secure vault.

Can I collect more than one edition of a particular artwork?

Yes. You can purchase any amount. The maximum you can purchase is the number of remaining editions.

Can other people see my collection?

Yes. After you have purchased an edition, you appear as a collector on the edition page. Other members can see your collection by browsing to your profile. You can make your profile private in your member settings.

I want to be the first to know about new editions. Can you keep me informed?

Yes. Once you are a member you are automatically added to our mailing list and we will keep you informed with our newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time in your member settings.

Storing, Downloading & Viewing Your Art

How do I access my art?

Your purchased art and Certificate of Authenticity are stored in your vault. Your artwork is stored as a very high resolution and large image file. We store the original file and provide you with digital versions that are formatted especially for your device such as the iPhone, Blackberry and iPad to name a few.
There are various benefits to doing it this way:

  • your artwork is always safe. Basically you can't lose it!
  • we take the hassle out of image formatting for you and we deliver you the art in a format that is usable for your device.
  • we let you view and download your art as many times as you need for personal use
  • you can send the art to any device anytime

What is my vault?

Your vault is a secure online storage for your purchased editions. To access the vault you click on the vault link in the main menu after signing in. Nobody can access your vault unless they are signed in using your account. Other collectors may be able to view your collection in your profile if you have granted permission.

How can I view my art?

Your artwork is stored for you in your Vault. To access your Vault, you login in and then choose whether to download your art or to send it to a specific device. To send your artwork to a device, you will need an Internet connection and be able to download the art to that device.

Can I download art to a device?

Still images can be downloaded. To download, select the 'send to device' link next to your art in your vault. Please ensure you open the email on the device you wish to download as art is automatically formatted to to fit your device.

Moving images or videos are not currently available to download. Please access this art through a connected device. Free Sedition apps to support offline video viewing will be added soon.

How do I view art on my iPad?

Our free iPad app is now available in the iTunes Store. The app allows you to view your art both online and offline.
To download still images, please visit your Vault and choose Send to Device

How do I view art on my iPhone?

To download still images, please visit your Vault and choose Send to Device. An iPhone app offering additional functionality is in development.

How do I view art on my TV or projector?

If your TV is connected to the Internet, please go to your Vault and stream the artworks directly from there.
You can also use a computer, iPad or games console to stream artworks from your Vault onto your TV.
Alternatively, you can use your TV to show art as still images. Please use your Vault to download your art and then transfer the files to your TV via your computer or media card. For further help, please email

How can I download images?

Still images can be downloaded from your Vault — just click Download. To download to your smartphone, choose Send to Device. The download is automatically resized and optimized for your screen resolution.

How do I download video?

We do not currently support the ability to download videos. Videos must be viewed either online or offline via a supported app. Our free apps for iPhone and iPad are currently available through the iTunes Store.

What is the file format for my art?

For still images, the file format is PNG. Videos are full HD 1080p and optimized for streaming online and viewing within a supported app, such as the free iPad app available through the iTunes Store. We do not currently support the ability to download videos.

What devices do you support?

All of the art for sale on Sedition can be viewed on connected devices. If you're having a problem viewing your art on your device please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Your payment questions answered

How do I purchase art on the site?

Click on the buy link next to the edition on the edition page. This will add the edition to your cart, which you can access by clicking on the cart link in the top right menu. Upon successful completion of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation of your order by email. If you do not receive an email, please email

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major cards: visa, Visa Delta / Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, UK Maestro, Solo and American Express.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept British Pound Sterling (GBP), U.S. Dollar (USD) or Euro (EUR). To display the prices in any of these currencies select the currency from the drop down list in the top left menu. Please note the transaction for your payment will be in the displayed currency.

Why has my payment failed?

Payments can fail for the following reasons: either you have entered an incorrect address, card number, expiry date or security code. Please make sure the address is the address your card is registered at. For further problems please contact

Can I refund an order?

Sedition does not permit the return of or offer refunds for purchase through the site. If you are having problem accessing or enjoying your art, please email

Where do I view my order history?

You can view all of your orders in your account settings.

Account & Invites

How do I change my password?

Go to your account. On the general tab, enter your current password, new password and confirm password and press save.

I can't seem to change my email address?

Unfortunately we don't allow members to change their email address. Please contact if you have any further questions.

How I can hide my profile from other members?

To hide your profile from other members, select the Account link from the top menu. Uncheck the checkbox next to where it says 'make my profile public'.

Joining, Email Preferences & Privacy Settings

How can I join?

Sedition is in private beta and have a limited number of invites available. To request an invite go to our home page and either enter your name and email or request through Facebook.

I have received my invitation email. How do I create an account?

Follow the link in the email. This will take you to our join page where you can join either by entering your password or join through Facebook.

I've forgotten my password. What do I do

If you have lost your password please select the 'forgotten password' link on the member sign in page. This will prompt you to enter the email address that you used to register. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

I have not received my forgot password email

Please check that the email has not been delivered to your spam folder. If it has not been delivered please email

How do I follow an artist?

To follow an artist, click the follow button on an artist's page.

How do I know if I have received a message from another member?

Any new messages will appear next to your messages link in the top menu. You will also receive a message notification via email.

How do I switch off email notifications and Facebook activity streams?

You can switch off email notifications and Facebook activity streams in your account settings. You can access your account settings in the top menu bar once you have logged in.